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Road Maintenance

Evansville’s streets, alleys, right of ways, and storm water drainage systems are monitored and maintained by the Public Works Department. There are currently 29.7 lane miles of streets in the city. The street department crew is responsible for curb to curb maintenance of the street to include; snow removal, crack filling, chip sealing, pothole patching, small area overlays (grader patching), and curb repair/replacement.

The City of Evansville is having roads in the Country Side Addition and along Cortland Drive chip-sealed as part of our annual maintenance.  This starts June 1st and will run until completed.  All residents are asked not to park along these roads with posted signs so the crews can complete their work.  Violators may be towed at their own expense.  Residents can expect some loose gravel on these roads for a while until the chips all adhere to the road surface.  

Meet Our Staff


Allen Reynolds

Public Works Foreperson