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City Initiatives and Efforts


2018 Parks and Outdoor Recreation Plan

The City of Evansville is updating their 5-year Comprehensive Parks and Outdoor Recreation Plan. At this time, we are looking for community input on what should happen in the future for Evansville's Parks and Recreation programs. Please visit our survey here. You can also visit our webpage dedicated to the Plan Update here.

Bird City

The City of Evansville has been recognized as a Bird City since 2011 by Bird City Wisconsin. Bird City Wisconsin works hard to implement it's mission:

To encourage all communities in Wisconsin to implement sound bird conservation practices by offering public recognition to those that succeed in (a) enhancing the environment for birds and (b) educating the public about the interactions between birds and people and about the contributions birds make to a healthy community.


Birds, Cats and You Brochure (English)

Birds, Cats and You Brochure (Spanish)