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Park Improvements


Project Description


The City of Evansville Park and Recreation Board reviewed updated park and aquatic concepts at their December 21st meeting and approved the below concepts to move forward for design development. 


 West Side Park Concept  Aquatic Center Concept


Project Overview and Summary

The Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center at Leonard-Leota Park was originally constructed in 1958, with a zero-depth entry added in 2015. A conditions assessment, completed in 2017, identified major repair and update needs. COVID-19 concerns, as well as a needed repair to a large leak in the main tub prevented the pool from opening in 2020.  Another major repair of the tub became necessary in 2021. A sonar test revealed a small void below the main tub, likely caused by wash out of soils and heavy leaking at the tub seams. The city proceeded with temporary repairs, resulting in opening the pool in June of 2021.

West Side Park was created as part of adjacent subdivision developers dedicating land. Initial improvements in 2007 were followed by 2015 land dedications doubling the size of the park. A 2017 Ad-Hoc committee was created to discuss goals of possible park expansion and strategies for development. The following year the City commissioned the West Side Park Development Plan & Cost Estimates to bring the ad-hoc committee's discussions into a more defined concept with a better understanding of facility costs. 

Common Council approved advisory referendum questions for the November 2020 ballot. (2020 was highlighted as an important year to get public input on the pool and park because of the predicted high voter turn-out.)  The advisory referendum results included 58% of the vote selecting Options 1 and 2 to construct a new aquatic center, splashpad, and build-out west side park. 42% of the vote selected Option 3, to take no action on the facilities. 

The Common Council approved an RFP to solicit potential design firms to assist in the design and construction of the project in February of 2021.  The expected project cost is $10.9 Million, including anticipated fundraising of 1.5 Million. This budget reflects the program outlined in Option 1 of the referendum and was a lower total cost then Option 2.  After interviewing the responding firms, MSA Professional Services was selected in June of 2021. A fundraising consultant was also selected in August to advise on the feasibility of raising 1.5 million.

MSA Professional Services prepared design concepts and gathered feedback in through an October 28th public open house, community event held November 6th at JcMckenna Middle School, and an online comment form. The results of the public comments, 159 in total, can be found below in the November 2021 Update from MSA. In December of 2021 MSA created revised concepts of the aquatic center and west side park to reflect public comments and presented them to the park board for consideration. 


Bidding & Award Phase


Documents Released to Bidders April 13, 2022
Bids Due (by 2:00pm) May 12, 2022
City Council Award (Special Meeting) May 17, 2022
Releases of Notice of Award & Contracts May 19, 2022
Construction Contracts returned from General Contractor June 2, 2022
Releases Notice to Proceed June 6, 2022




Project Progress Updates From MSA


December 2021   



November 2021 (survey results) 



September 2021


Project Documents From MSA


 West Side Park Concepts Presented December 21st, 2021 



Aquatic Center Concepts Presented Deember 21st, 2021



Pre Design Budget Analysis



Athletic Stakeholder Notes    



Open House Flyer     


Public Open House Video From MSA


October 2021 West Side Park Concepts

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Concept A  

October 2021 Aquatic Center Concepts

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October 2021 Leonard-Leota Splash Pad Concepts

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The Plan is an expression of the city's goals, future needs, and demand for facilities.

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Carter Arndt

Project Architect - Park & Aquatic Improvements