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City Government

Welcome the the City of Evansville.  We are a great community that prides itself on its preservation of history and natural resources.  We strive to have our government work with the people in common purpose to make Evansville one the the best places to live in Wisconsin.  This requires a great staff and dedicated officials working for the common good of our residents. If you want to know more about who your elected representatives are please follow the links below.  


The City of Evansville has a Mayor-Council-Administrator form of Government. The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the city and presides over meetings of the Common Council and the Plan Commission. The Common Council exercises all policy-making and legislative powers of the city, including the adoption of ordinances and resolutions, the approval of the city's annual budget, and the enactment of appropriation and tax-levy ordinances. Council also has approval over the Mayor's appointments to committees, boards, and commissions. The Mayor votes in Council meetings only in case of a tie. The Administrator, an appointed position, is responsible for the daily management of the municipality.


July 1, 2020 City Hall is open to the public. 8am -11:30am and 1:00pm – 4:30pm, To protect the health of the public and staff due to limited space for social distancing we are limiting our front counter services to the most basic of needs.