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Refuse, Recycling & Brush

Curbside Trash/Recycling Service

The City of Evansville contracts curbside collection service with Badgerland Disposal. Badgerland Disposal will provide recycling and refuse collection for all residents on Thursdays. Under the curbside collection program each resident will receive poly-carts for their recyclables (biweekly service) and for their trash (weekly service). 


Trash and Recycling Calendar


Click the Badgerland Disposal logo to visit their website! 



Trasand recycling must be curbside by 6:00 a.m. on your designated collection day, All waste / recycling materials must be INSIDE of the carts, waste or bags outside of the carts will not be taken,  On holiday weeks we operate on a one-day delay, if the holiday falls before your scheduled trash/recycling day,  Carts remain the property of Badgerland Disposal. Residents will be required to pay for replacement carts if damages are due to negligence or abuse, Please do not take the containers if you move. You may label the containers with tape or removable decal, but do not write on or deface in any other way. 

Items that CANNOT be placed in the trash container: Dirt, sod, concrete, rock, construction or demolition debris, household hazardous waste, banned electronic waste, leaves, grass clippings, hot ashes or flammable materials such as oil, gas or (wet) paint, batteries, engine parts or tires. 



Badgerland Disposal will provide a bulk item pick-up service monthly. Each home is allowed ONE bulk item (manageable by one person). There is no need to call in your item, but please be sure you have it out by 6am on your designated bulk day.
Please email or call 1-608-580-0580 to schedule this service if it is another day besides the scheduled monthly bulk day (fees associated). See calendar for specific dates of collection.


NOT INCLUDED: appliances, electronics, brush, yard waste, hazardous goods or tires. Waste oil (sealed and up to a one gallon container) will be collected curbside during the recycling collection schedule. 



Click below to view your service calendar which outlines a collection schedule. Trash will be picked up weekly and recycle will be picked up every other week. Please refer to the legend for recycling and bulk collection. Service dates are highlighted through color coding and circles (bulk day) on the calendar. Call: 608-580-0580 or Email:




Badgerland Disposal is excited to provide this new curbside program and appreciate the opportunity to serve the City of Evansville. Additional information or any questions may be answered by calling Badgerland Disposal at 608-580-0580 or emailing


Your recycling cart will be serviced bi-weekly (every other week) based on the enclosed calendar / schedule.
The following items are banned from Wisconsin landfills and as a result should be placed in your recycling cart for proper processing, handling and/or reuse:
-Aluminum containers
-Bi-metal containers (i.e. containers made from a combination of steel and aluminum)
-Corrugated cardboard (all corrugated cardboard cut into pieces no larger than 3' x 3')
-Glass containers
-Magazines and other materials printed on similar paper
-Newspaper and other materials printed on newsprint
-Mixed paper
-Plastic containers #1 - #7 - milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, soda and water bottles, etc.
-Steel containers (tin cans)
WASTE (trash, garbage, refuse):
Trash carts will be serviced every week based on the calendar / schedule. Solid waste is what most of us think of as “trash”, “refuse” or “garbage” that is produced at home, work or leisure.
This category does NOT include any of the recyclable items listed above, any household hazardous waste, liquid latex paint, yard waste, appliances or electronics.
The following items are not allowed and will not be handled by Badgerland Disposal for curbside pickup: HAZARDOUS GOODS NOT ALLOWED. YARD WASTE NOT ALLOWED (grass clippings, leaves, branches, soil, etc).


ADDITIONAL SERVICE OFFERINGS: commercial dumpsters, roll-off dumpster services for cleanouts / remodels / demos / builds, or portable restroom services. More on our services at
Feel free to contact Badgerland directly by calling 608-580-0580 or via email to if you have any questions. 

Introduction letter



New Refuse and Recycling Collection Service

To set up an account for garbage collection, water, sewer and/or electrical service please contact City Hall at 608-882-2266, option 1.   

The staff at City Hall will set up your billing for garbage collection, but the City does not operate the garbage and recycling collection service.  


Frequently Asked Questions –


Submitted by the City Clerk's Office, Evansville

Click here for full release of information


Yard Waste


The City of Evansville provides two options to dispose of personal yard waste. They include, Yard Waste Curbside Collection and the Yard Waste Drop Site. 


Curbside Collection Services 

Collection of branches, brush and yard waste debris is scheduled from April to October, on the first (1st) full work week of the month.  All grass clipping and small yard waste must be placed in a paper bag or a container that can be emptied and placed back onto the parking area.  No plastic bags. 

Yard waste should not be raked or blown into the street.  Please be kind and blow your lawn clippings into your yard for natural decomposing.  When the lawn clippings clump together they create major clogs in the stormwater drainage system which can contribute to flash flooding and standing water in the streets.



Yard Waste Drop Site / E-Recycling Dumpster


Opens for the season Wednesday, April 14th! 

Hours - 

Wednesdays 5:00pm -7:00pm   

Saturdays 9:00am - 2:30pm  


At this site you can dispose of grass clippings, leaves, branches and general yard waste.
Location is at 465 Water Street (next to the Fire Station). 


E-Waste Guidelines

A list of the most common electronic devices in the rule is as follows:

  • Consumer computers

  • Computer peripherals (i.e. keyboards, mouse, etc...)

  • Televisions and other video display devices

  • Fax machines

  • VCRs and DVD players

  • Consumer printers

  • Phones with video displays (i.e. cell phones)

Please refer to Wisconsin State Statute 287.07(5)(a) for the complete list of electronic devices that are regulated under this law.


Now Offering

Non-Evansville residents and area commercial businesses access now available through paid permits.  See forms below.

We are offering open access to tree remnants under 16" diameter for firewood.  Simply load up and drive off.  Wood chips and compost may also be available as supplies last and placed in designated collection areas.

We do not accept: dimensional lumber, plastics, hanging baskets, dirt and regular garbage


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