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Contact Phone Numbers


  • 911 - EMERGENCY

  • 608-882-2292 - Non Emergency

  • 608-757-2244 - Non Emergency Rock County Dispatch

  • 608-882-2295 - Fax


Department Staff


Staff Member
Department Secretary Jill Puckett
608-882-2292 x10
Department Secretary Quinn Bennett
608-882-2292 x 11
Chief Patrick Reese
608-882-2292 x22
Lieutenant Christopher Jones
608-882-2292 x18
Sergeant Ian Reilly
608-882-2292 x42
Detective Sergeant Jessica Rittenhouse
608-882-2292 x46
Officer Michael Laufenberg
608-882-2292 x40
Officer Matthew Nankee
608-882-2292 x44
Officer Jeremy Schmidt
608-882-2292 x43
Officer Trevor Tway
608-882-2292 x41
Officer Aaron Johnson
608-882-2292 x50
Officer Nolan Wendt
608-882-2292 x47
Officer Steven Fraser
Officer David Wickstrum
608-882-2292 x48
Officer Angelica Wolf

Preservation Hero

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Starting Wednesday November 4, 2020, al City Hall operations will be closed until staff have gone through protocols. Staff were in close contact with a positive case and we need time to complete sanitation, testing and isolation.