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Municipal Services


Virtual Meeting

Event Type: City M

Municipal Services Committee
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, April 28, 2020 5:00 pm
Due to social distancing guidelines this meeting will be conducted via web conference at: The public may also us the teleconference option at +1 504-603-
6014 then enter conference pin: 917 858 809#


1. Call meeting to order.
2. Roll call.
3. Civility Reminder.
4. Motion to approve the agenda as presented.
5. Motion to waive the reading and approve the minutes as printed from the February 18,
2020 regular Municipal Services meeting.
6. Citizen Appearances other than agenda items.
7. Customer concerns. Discussion and possible motions for billing adjustments.
a. Motion to approve credits as presented by Administration
8. Director’s Report
a. Parks and Recreation Report
b. AMI Project (Placeholder)
c. Lake Leota Dam EAP/DFA Update
d. Bridge Inspection
e. Substation Update
f. 5G Installation Update.
9. City Engineer Report
a. Water main materials
b. WWTP (Placeholder) – Update
c. Sub-division/development updates
d. Inflow and Infiltration Study
10. Administrative Staff’s Report
a. Water softener program
b. Sidewalk replacement program 2020-22
11. WPPI Report
a. Written Report
12. Old Business
13. New Business
14. Upcoming Meeting Date, May 26, 2020
15. Adjourn
James Brooks, Committee Chair
Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices before meeting commences. If you have any special accessibility
issues please contact Evansville City Hall at 608-882-2266 prior to the scheduled meeting. Thank you

The Common Council of the City of Evansville currently has one (1) Council member seat open in District #1 due to resignation and one (1) Council member seat vacating in District #3 on May 15th, 2020. In an effort to move forward with a full eight (8) member council, it has been determined that the vacant seats will be filled by appointment in accordance with WI State Statutes.

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